About Jane Mark Lawson

I have been a student of yoga since 1988. While studying British Wheel and Iyengar yoga, I was first introduced to Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga in 1994 during a visit to the Practice Place in Crete (now Yoga Plus) run by Radha and the late Derek Ireland. Since then, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga has become my main practice and passion. In 2009 I completed a 200 hour Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training with Michael Gannon and Brian Cooper.

In 2005 I first met Lino Miele at his workshop in India and I have subsequently spent a couple of months each year at retreats and workshops with him. I have now completed an in-depth study of Ashtanga Yoga with Lino Miele and I am honoured to be one of his recognised teachers (see www.linomiele.com).

Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga of practice. As my teachers have shown me, it requires mental and physical application from which strength, poise and inner wisdom develop. This method of Yoga involves the purification of the system through heat generated from the breath and continual movement. My approach, like that of my teachers, is not one of striving to achieve, rather, allowing the body to unfold in its own time.

When I first started Ashtanga Yoga there were very few teachers in Europe and I had to travel widely to complement my own self-practice. As a result I have been lucky enough to have experienced some great teachers at work, including, Sri Pattabhi Jois (the main Guru of Ashtanga Yoga on one of his world tours); John Scott; Brian Cooper; Michael Gannon; Hamish Hendry and Liz Lark. I continue to visit my teachers Radha and Pierre Segar at Yoga Plus in Crete every year. For more than five years I have been travelling to South India each winter to study with Lino Miele in Kovalam. Closer to home, Joey Miles in Leeds provides me with invaluable insights to improve my practice during his morning Mysore style self practice sessions.

I believe that anyone of any age and physical ability can benefit from a regular yoga practice. My experience is that regular practice of Ashtanga Yoga builds physical and mental resilience and helps bring calmness and joy to our lives, no matter what difficulties and challenges we face.