About Matt Tregellas

Sama, meaning balance or equality of opposites, is at the heart of the practice for me. It begins before we start to move, with the balancing of inhale and exhale through sama vritti breathing and standing centred in our bodies: samasthiti. Once established in sama, we develop mental focus as we move through the practice finding sama in body and mind from beginning to end. The result is a practice that is light, yet grounded; a mind that is focussed, yet relaxed; a body that is strong, yet flexible; and emotions that are feeling, yet not over-reactive. A fixed sequence of postures allows us to focus on these internal aspects, making Ashtanga Yoga a moving, mindfulness meditation. With consistent practise, we take sama from the mat and out into our daily lives.

I started my yoga practice in 1999 and for the first few years practised various styles. In 2004, I found Ashtanga Yoga and from the first class knew this practice would be extremely important to me. When I spent three years living far from any yoga teachers, the fixed nature of the Ashtanga sequence gave me direction in my practice. Eventually, I was able to spend time in India where qualified to teach Hatha Yoga in the Bihar lineage at the Yoga Vidya ashram. I also spent extensive time with Rolf Naujokat and Marci Chiu-Naujokat refining my understanding of the Ashtanga system. Since returning to the UK I have taken further certification with Yoga Alliance UK, and worked with inspirational teachers such as David Swenson and Chuck Miller. I now visit Joey Miles regularly in Leeds. I respect his deep understanding of the lineage, combined with his pragmatic approach to its outward expression, allowing the system to be tailored to each unique practitioner. I hope to be able to share what I know about this practice with the same dynamism as my teacher. My experience as a Massage Therapist at Massage Therapy Sheffield informs my yoga teaching.I have also recently embarked on the journey of studying the Anatomy Trains modality of bodywork, which teaches how fascia affects movement and how bodywork and yoga can help restore its proper function.

It is with the greatest respect that I pass on what little I know of this great system to anyone who finds my classes beneficial.

“Do your practice and all is coming” Shri K. Pattabhi Jois