Welcome to Jane Mark Lawson’s website. Here you can find out details about the classes that I teach, the workshops I organise and visiting teachers. You can also find out a little more about Ashtanga yoga.

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Ashtanga Yoga

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a beautiful, dynamic, flowing yoga practice where movement is linked to breath to create a light flowing body. Each posture is a preparation for the next, developing the strength and balance required to move further.

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Sheffield Ashtanga Yoga
– Jane Mark Lawson, Pete Gill and Matt Tregellas

Jane and Pete have been practicing yoga since 1988 and Ashtanga Yoga since the mid 1990s.

"We follow our teachers who learnt Ashtanga yoga from Sri K Pattabhi Jois of Mysore and use the traditional approach to Ashtanga Yoga, based on the vinyasa system.  We both spend time with our teachers every year to keep developing our own yoga practice and our teaching style.  We believe that by working slowly through the practice and allowing the body to open in its own time anyone can benefit from this wonderful yoga."

Ashtanga Yoga is a yoga of practice. It requires mental and physical application from which strength, poise and inner wisdom develop. This method of Yoga involves the purification of the system through heat generated from the breath and continual movement. Our approach, like that of our teachers, is not one of striving to achieve, rather, allowing the body to unfold in its own time.


"Ashtanga yoga really complements my rock climbing by improving my flexibility, core strength and breathing.  Yoga is now a valuable part of my training for climbing."  Sam Whittaker, E9, F8c, Font8a , Co-owner, The Climbing Works.

"As climbers, we all deal with occasional injuries and niggles.  Since starting Ashtanga Yoga I have seen a direct correlations between practicing yoga and a reduction in injuries.  I don't hesitate in recommending Ashtanga yoga to any climber."  Brian McAlinden, Manager, The Climbing Works.

Ashtanga Yoga in Sheffield with Jane Mark Lawson

Yoga Class in Sheffield with Ashtanga YogaNEWS

Drop-in Classes
Pete's classes at Seven Hills School will resume on Monday 4th January. Classes at Hagglers Corner will resume on Wednesday 13th January. The Spring timetable can be seen here.

Intro to Ashtanga Yoga course
The next Intro to Ashtanga Yoga course will begin on Tuesday 9th February from 6-7.30pm for 5 weeks in Netheredge. £50 with 2 free drop-in classes to take after the course. Use the Contact page if you would like to join or find out more information.

Hagglers Corner Website
If you notice a difference between the timetable here and the timetable on the Hagglers Corner website, our timetable is always correct. It can sometimes take some time to get updates on to the Hagglers website.


Can't find a class at a time that suits you? Want a small group with lots of help from your teacher?  We offer private sessions for up to 4 people in our small studio in Nether Edge for £35 for the first hour and an extra £5 for each quarter hour thereafter. Contact Jane or Matt to arrange a time:  janemarklawson@gmail.com or matt_treg@hotmail.com.


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